I thought I was having a bad day…

… after a serious tussle with some mousse, hair spary and some curling tongs, I conceeded that I am having a really bad hair day. To make myself feel better, I found some people who are worse off than me! There’s one difference though, they agreed to be photographed as well!

Check out these people who either need to get to the salon pronto, or find a decent hair straightening service. (except the thrid pic, I would keep straighteners well away from that!)


Big Fat Fail…

Not quite sure how this happened, but it seems that someone in the world, was not aware of the most publicised wedding of the century!

Check out this commemorative mug…

Yep, that’s right – wrong brother! Whoops!

Will is going to be upset!

Hello…? Erm, I need a plumber

Some of these peopole are in desperate need of a plumber!

An alternative method to washing your kid’s mouth out with soap!

Not entirely sure that a plumber can fix this one, but this bloke is giving it a go… … good on him!

Plumbers in Italy have more tricky issues to deal with than a Plumber in London and the UK it seems. …

Not sure if I’d want this fixed or not to be honest! Being clean vs eating sweets all the time… tough call!

Who stole all the marmite? Marmageddon has arrived!

I read this morning, that the Kiwis are currently panicking, because the county’s supplies of marmite are on the low side!

Someone has even put a jar up on ebay for £2,000! Surely, no one is going to buy that?!!!

Fear not though, you lovely kiwis! If you need a marmite fix, here are a few suggestions to make the most of that marmite-y taste!

1. Quite simply, eat it all … .. or steal it off a young child. I heard they were hoarding it all – check it out!

2. clean you teeth… … or maybe not! A step too far?

3. If you can’t taste it, read all about it. alternative, set up your own web design agency. Kent (where I come from) could do with a great marmite website!

4. Find a replacement product. Just don’t kiss anyone who hates the stuff!

5. Set your own marmite world record (like this bloke) what a nutter…

Animal look-a-likes

Today I found some very interesting pics of celebs that look like animals and also, celebs that look like animals in fancy dress! Enjoy…

A total look – a -like! Rihanna and a cat rocking the cleopatra look…


Two of the cutest geeky hamsters I have ever seen… … oddly Justin Timberlake looks more like a hamster than the hamster does!

Born this way…. .. sweaty and with an unruly mane Ga Ga!

Angelina’s leg – photoshop funnies


Just when I thought all this stuff about Angelina Jolie’s scrawny leg at the oscars had calmed down; I found some very interesting photoshopped pics that are, quite frankly, hilarious.


An Angelina Cathering Wheel…!

Bit of a Star Wars take on this…


If Mr Bean and Angelina had a baby…

Angelina, the time traveller


Surprising how well this is photo shopped.